Even before last week’s snowstorm passed through, it was already one of the snowiest starts to the season on record. But when a huge snowstorm, named ‘Andrea’ hit France and Switzerland last week it dumped even more heavy snow on the French and Swiss ski resorts. It’s only been a month since the snow began to fall in the Alps and we’ve already seen some of the biggest accumulations of snow in decades.

Some ski resorts have nearly 6m (20ft) of snow! Other ski resorts have had 3 times as much snow in the past few weeks than they had all season last year.

In the short term this record breaking snowfall caused a few operational problems with road and resort closures and even night time curfews in some resorts due to the high avalanche warnings.

However, since then the clouds have parted to leave clear blue skies and perfect conditions across the whole of Europe. Yesterday, 39 of the French resorts we feature enjoyed bluebird powder days with lucky skiers enjoying stunning sunshine and some of the best snow conditions in decades.

These perfect skiing conditions are set to continue for the rest of the week, and the record breaking snowfall should ensure great skiing conditions throughout the rest of the winter.

Here’s a few amazing photos that were taken across the Alps over the past couple of days since the snowstorm Andrea’s departure.



La Falaise in Avoriaz, Les Portes du Soleil

The Centre of Avoriaz, Les Portes du Soleil

 Ront Point des Piste in Meribel

Posted by Adam Wagner on Tuesday 10 Jan 2012

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