Mike D, known as the “Godfather of Freesking” and designer of the modern twin tip ski is about to embark on an incredible Whistler Winter adventure that will see him pushed to the limits.

He will spend six days and six nights in the Patroller’s Hut at the Peak of Whistler Mountain in a bid to document the arrival of Winter and the Whistler snow as it has never been seen before. Equipped with just his cameras, laptop and a sleeping bag, Mike will be providing regular Whistler snow reports and updates of the changes in this extreme environment for those who are safe in the valleys.

Here at Powderbeds we will be following his progress and posting regular updates of his videos about the arrival of the Whistler snow from Whistler Peak. You can see how amazing this adventure will be in this little teaser video here.

EMBEDDED TEASER - Whistler Blackcomb inside the story from Whistler Blackcomb on Vimeo.

You can also find out for yourself how he is getting on by signing up to email alerts from Whistler Blackcomb here (there's also the chance of winning GORE-TEX, GoPro, RED BULL, and CAN-SKI merchandise.


Day 1

Mike Douglas has just spent his first night in the patroller’s hut at the peak of Whistler Mountain. Here is his first video and his opening statement.

“Patience, weeks leading to winter, small milestones along the way, dusting of snow on the slopes melted away under the warm autumn sun, changing of the colour of the leaves, patience, For many skiers and boarders the anticipation is simply too much to take, it taunts us daily”

“Now I make my way to the peak of Whistler mountain in a blizzard, Skin cracking, frozen and alone, patience is over cos Winter is here.”

EMBEDDED Day 1 of 6 – Patience from Whistler Blackcomb on Vimeo.


 Day 2

Having spent his first night on Whistler Peak, Mike Douglas awoke early this morning to watch the sunrise over the Black Tusk.

Watch his day unfold in his second video as he explores the mountain with one of the patrollers. The snow looks great already as they test the avalanche kits, the only question is whether or not El Nina will be around this winter. A bonus if it is an El Nina Winter but Mike has already got some great skiing in so we're not too worried.

EMBEDDED Day 2 of 6 - Control from Whistler Blackcomb on Vimeo.


Day 3

It's Day 3 of Mike Douglas' Embedded Challenge and it's also his birthday.

He starts his day off as the "luckiest guy on earth" as he watches the sun rise with a bowl of cereal on Whistler Peak.

A helicopter arrives and off he goes heliskiing on Sharks Tooth on the Tremor Glacier. The snow looks amazing and looks set to continue, Mike reckons that Whistler is going to get hit by a "freight train of snow tomorrow". We can't wait for the next video!

EMBEDDED Day 3 of 6 - Preparation from Whistler Blackcomb on Vimeo.


Day 4

Watch as Mike D and his new found mice friends on Whistler Peak endure the brunt of a storm as the winds reach over 100mph on Day 4 of the Embedded Challenge.

It's only 48 hours until Opening Day and the patrollers have to make sure that all of the pistes are ready to go on Whistler Mountain. After a wild night where 23cm of snow was Mike D goes in search of powder!


Day 5

It's finally Opening Day on Whistler Blackcomb!

The Mountain Staff have been busting their guts to get the mountain ready for today! "Electricians, Mechanics, Lift Maintenance, Restaurants, Lifties, Park Staff and Grooming Patrol have all been preparing for this very day."  The wait is over and it's time to hit the powder! 144cm of snow is forecast for next week so it likes an epic season in Whistler Blackcomb awaits!

EMBEDDED Day 5 – Celebration from Whistler Blackcomb on Vimeo.


Final Cut

Mike D has completed his Whistler Embedded Challenge with the conclusion that "it's all about the snow".

Watch his final cut to see a round up of what he has been doing on Whistler Peak for the last six days and enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. We cannot wait to get on the slopes now!

EMBEDDED Day 6 - The Master Cut from Whistler Blackcomb on Vimeo.




Posted by Katie Stevenson on Monday 17 Oct 2011

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