Nathalie Paradis - Our Insider for Banff Nathalie Paradis is originally from Quebec in Canada. She did her first season in Meribel when she combined a tourism internship with a love for snowboarding. Landing in France again two years later, she tried a stint in the city but was desperate to get back on the slopes and so once again headed to the little town of Meribel to fuel her passion.

On returning to Canada, Nathalie was still not fulfilled and so headed west to Alberta and to the slopes of Sunshine and Lake Louise, residing in the mountain town of Banff. She’s been in Banff for two years and has had a variety of jobs including being a husky driver. Employment is just a means to an end; the most important thing for Nat in Banff is being on the ski hill.

How long have you lived in Banff?

I have lived in Banff for 2years "ish"

What is your favourite thing about the resort?

Hard question because Banff isn’t really a resort I believe. It’s more of a town surrounded by a few ski resorts. So I would say, my favourite thing about the resort is that there's a bunch of mountains around Banff so you can always do something new, something different.

And where’s the best food in town

The best food in town...WOW!! There are so many places to go. Each place has something special and different compared to the other ones. My favorite place would be....uh...I cant make a choice, but the "Bison" has really nice food.

Where would you ski on a powder day?

POWDER DAY! I would definitely go to Lake Louise! If I have the big three pass. There is a big back country area and tree rounds! And if I find a few friends that are keen for a road trip, I would go to Revelstoke. It’s further but it’s one of my favorite resorts in Canada on a powder day!!

What is your favourite run in the ski area?

This is based on "Sunshine Village Resort" because it’s the closest resort to Banff. My favourite run is the Delirium Dive. It’s not always open and you have to wear your avalanche gear to get pass the fences. There is a big hike to get there, BUT, it’s worth it!

If you were to spend a full day treating yourself, what would you do?

I will start the day with brekky at the Maple Leaf restaurant. Then I would ride at Sunshine Village resort all day. I would have lunch at the big hotels' restaurant up there. Sitting on the couches with a hot chocolate of course! Then I would come back to Banff around 3 or 4 and go to the Hot Tubs at the Banff Springs. I would head to The Elks and Oarsman for a steak sandwich. And then go out to the Magpie for a few drinks before dancing at the Aurora! haha!

Any advice for families coming to the resort?

They will definitely have fun. In the winter they can go dog-sledding as an alternative to skiing.

Where do you like to go for a few drinks after a hard day skiing?

I always go for a few drinks after a hard day skiing because there are so many places. BUT first I would go to the Irish pub. It’s a very nice place with GOOD beer and VERY good chicken wings. It is the perfect mix for après ski.

Where would you take beginners if you had some to stay?

For beginners...Some people would take them to Norquay because it’s close and it doesn’t matter if you only go for a few hours. . But personally I think it’s too steep to learn there, so I would take them to Sunshine Village. There are some very flat runs that are ideal for beginners.