Resort Attractions

No visit to Banff is complete without a dip in the hot springs which were the original attraction that caused the railway workers to make camp here and established the resort to begin. Banff Upper Hot Springs (End of Mountain Ave, + 1 403-762-1515; has modern facilities within the historic spa and bathhouse, against the backdrop of the area’s spectacular scenery.

Activities Available

Art Centre (The Banff Centre, 107 Tunnel Mountain Dr)
+1 403 762 6100).

Cinema (229 Bear Street).

Dog Sledding
+1 (403) 678 9588

Climbing Gym (107 Tunnel Mountain Dr)
+1 403 762 6450

Horse Riding
+1 (403) 762 4551

Hot Springs (End of Mountain Ave)
+ 1 403-762-1515

Ski Jump
+1 403 762 4421

Squash Courts (107 Tunnel Mountain Dr.)
+1 403 762 6450

Theatre (The Banff Centre, 107 Tunnel Mountain Dr)
+1 403 762 6100

+1 403 762 4421


Definitely a good choice if you enjoy a mooch around the shops, Banff has hundreds of shops and, thanks to its year round visitor numbers in the millions, there’s plenty of space for the more unusual, quirky shops along side the resort staples. Most of the shops are located on, or just off, the central Banff avenue, which has wide pavements for stress-free strolling and plenty of cafes to dive in to for a break between intensive shopping sessions.

A Banff shopping guide could fill a book on its own, but here are a few novelty examples for you. A Bit Of Banff (120 Banff Ave, +1 (403) 762 4996) is choc-full of Banff-oriented gifts and operates the “ Make-A-Moose" Bear Factory where you can stuff your own soft toy moose, bear or one of more than 120 different Animal Friends. Then there are over 100 different outfits to dress your creation up in.

Banff Custom Jewelry (+1 (403) 762-3114; has 20 years of artistic experience creating custom jewellery and the Banff Candle Company (117 Banff Avenue; +1 (403) 760 8622) is the ultimate candle emporium.
For a reminder of who got here before you, The Banff Indian Trading Post (101 Cave Ave, +1 (403) 762 2456) has been selling Native American crafts, moccasins, jewellery and souvenirs for more than a century (established 1903).