St Martin de Belleville is one of the best choices in the area for families in search of a quiet base with some traditional ambience for a family holiday together. Those who can already all ski will be able to make the most of the relatively gentle and quiet local slopes. However, if any members of the family are beginners, parts of this terrain may still be too challenging and you’ll need to ride the lift out of town to access green graded terrain.

A family discount is available on both the local Belleville Valley pass and the full Three Valleys area ticket when families all purchase tickets for the same area for the same duration at the same time.

The Ecole de Ski Francais operates a slopeside mini-club for children from age 30 months, Piou Piou. This can include anything up to a full six day course with multiple activities including first ski experiences (from age three years) and games in the snow. Regular ski school classes are available for older children. Families with children younger than 30 months requiring nursery care would be better to try one of the other 3 Valleys resorts that does offer non-ski care for babies.