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Switzerland Ski Deals

If you have to find a downside it has to be the cost of it all. Prices do see-saw up and down, depending a great deal on the strength or weakness of the pound, but when the pound is down the franc costs a lot. Perhaps not as much as it once did though, some of the big French ski areas cost more than the big Swiss ones when the Euro is riding high too.

Families should also take note that Swiss lift ticket pricing is the fairest in Europe for families (oddly, Canada is the only country that comes close). The Swiss adopt the radical idea of offering children free lift tickets, in the case of some top resorts like Zermatt until age nine or ten. Then older children pay half-price until they are, well, adult – age 16 or 18. Even then there’s often a young person discount. This compares to resorts in France for example where children often pay 70-80% of the adult price from age 4 or 5, and the full adult price from 12 or 13. Most families doing the maths will find Switzerland cheaper for lift tickets at least.

Any other failings? Not many. The design of some of the classic resorts can leave something to be desired, because they were never originally intended to accommodate winter sports. But with common sense, in Switzerland any such glitches are normally overcome one way or another.

It comes back to the same phrase, “Switzerland is hard to beat.”

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