Ski Lodge Engelberg - Switzerland Niklas Moller is our insider for Engelberg, he’s been going there on holiday on and off for over 7 years and then moved there permanently 2 years ago. He runs the excellent Ski Lodge Engelberg, which, as the name suggests is the place to stay for ski fanatics.

He’s shared some top tips here, from his secret powder stashes to what to do if you’re on a family ski holiday to Engelberg. We particularly like his parting words of wisdom – “keep skiing, it makes you happier”. We couldn’t agree more…

How long have you lived in Engelberg?
I first discovered this resort in 2003, and have been back every year since then. Now I live here and run Ski Lodge since 2008.

What is your favourite thing about the resort?
The huge snowfalls, the unlimited skiing terrain and the length of the season. You can ski from October through May!

Where's your favourite place to eat on mountain?
Defintely Skihütte Stand. Their pot au feu and veal bratwurst are just as enormous as they are mouth watering.

And where's the best food in town?
I can't say Ski Lodge, can I...? For the best swiss food and atmosphere in town, watch your head and enter into Alpenclub, an Engelberg institution. For the best burgers & fajitas in town, nothing beats Yucatan at the train station.

Where would you ski on a powder day?
First: Laub. Laub is as if somebody has constructed the perfect powder skiing venue: 30 - 35 degrees, seldom avalanche prone and just...magic. When Laub gets tracked out, I'd head for Steinberg for a couple of runs. After that? Buy me a pint, and I'd be happy to share it with you.

What is your favourite run in the ski area?
Steinberg is an amazing run, and ticks off the best parts of skiing. Endless views over peaks, powder snow, playful terrain and huge vertical drop. I reccommend everybody to go with a guide, crevasses can be mean to first-timers.

If you were to spend a full day treating yourself, what would you do?
I would head to the Eienwäldli Spa to indulge myself in their five different saunas, and thereafter head to our own restaurant for a five course tasting menu from Jonas in the kitchen. With wine, please.

Any advice for families coming to the resort?
Engelberg is not only heaven for advanced skiers, it has five different kid's areas too. Armin, who runs Prime Ski School in town, speaks perfect English and has a great reputation for instructing kids. If you're not up for skiing everyday, the Eienwäldli Spa has a pool with water slides and toys, and there is snow-walking as well.

Where do you like to go for a few drinks after a hard day skiing?
For the real Swiss Aprés, you should defintely head to Yucatan (Or "Yoki", as the locals say.), where people dance in their ski boots until late. Hoheneck in town has live music sometimes, and the Ski Lodge has a busy happy hour between 5 and 6.

Where would you take beginners if you had some to stay?
I would take them to Klostermatt, a skiing area basically in the middle of town next to the monastery. The piste is as wide as it is long, so you don't have to be afraid of hitting anyone!

What's your favourite piece of Engelberg related trivia?
100 years ago, Engelberg was the place to be seen for Europe's jet-set. They came with their entourages in summer to breath fresh alpine air and swim in the healthy springs. Some of the old facades can still be seen in town, but the only jet-set you'll see are the ski coineusseurs in gore-tex, enjoying one of the best ski resorts in the world.

Any parting words of wisdom?
Keep skiing, it makes you happier!


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