There are a dozen or so bars in Klosters and although the resort does not have a reputation for a party scene, it does have several lively options as well as more sophisticated lounge bars in the best hotels.

The Alpina Bar ) is a good choice, located right next to Klosters railway station. The snug Pellegrini Bar is eternally popular. The Chesa Bar (Bahnhofstrasse 12; +41 (0)81 422 22 22; is one of the most stylish and elegant in the resort with pianists playing the Bösendorfer grand piano helping to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

Nearby for late night dancing the Casa Antica (Landstrasse 176; +41 (0)81 422 16 21; opens at 10pm at weekends. It’s been the best dancing spot in the resort since the late 1950s.


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