Leysin Mountain Restaurants

Leysin has a great choice of mountain restaurants, it’s a real strength of the area. The choice ranges from wonderful, traditional establishments to the modern revolving Kuklos restaurtant, which also has a self-service sector, operated by the lift company (+41 (0)24 494 31 41; teleleysin.ch). It takes 90 minutes to make a full revolution and if conditions are good you have the chance to see Lake Geneva, the Rhone Valley, Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn and the Eiger.

The Prafandaz (+41 (0)24 494 26 26; prafandaz.ch) is utter heaven for fondue lovers with no less than 20 varieties to choose from. Serious carnivores will also enjoy the signature wild boar à la carte. Everything from pizza and sausage to more fondue is available at Buvette du Tobogganing

Several small eateries built of snow usually appear each winter too, conditions permitting. They include the Igloo de la Berneuse (+41 (0)24 494 31 41; teleleysin.ch) which serves a good raclette.

Restaurants In Leysin

Leysin’s 20 or so restaurants provide plenty of choice and quality for your Ski holiday needs.

La Fromagerie (+41 (0)24 494 22 05; lafromagerie.ch) is one of the best in the Alps for traditional cheese dishes and Le Montagnard is one of several other good choices for traditional Alpine dishes.

La Lorraine (+41 (0)24 494 15 72; lalorraine.ch) also does a good fondue but equally has a reputation for other dishes including Italian specialities, its own in-house pasta and a good choice of pizza, It’s closed on Tuesdays.

For a change from Alpine dishes, Han Lung des Alpes ( +41 (0)24 494 10 11) is one of several options for Asian cuisine.


Grocery Shops in Leysin

Leysin has a good selection of traditional food stores including three bakeries, deli, dairy, butchers and supermarkets.

The Village Bakery (Boulangerie du Village, Rue Riant-Val; +41 (0)24 494 27 75) and "La Boutique à Pain" boulangerie (+41 (0)24 494 12 07) are both excellent for your morning croissant; but if you want to eat-in and use the wifi while you munch try "La Farandole" (+41 (0)24 494 27 06; lafarandoleleysin.ch).

For a great selection of scrummy Swiss cheese head to the Laiterie La Lorraine (+41 (0)24 494 24 88) and for fresh local meat it’s the Boucherie du Centre (+41 (0)24 494 14 18). There’s also a deli, the Epicerie du Feydey (+41 (0)24 494 26 16). The two supermarkets for everything else are a COOP (+41 (0)24 493 22 60) and PAM (+41 (0)58 726 43 75).