Situated right by the Italian border, and in the next valley along from Zermatt, a ski holiday in Saas-Fee has a slightly less convenient transfer than your average Swiss resort. Of course that needs to be put into perspective as Swiss Ski resorts have arguably the easiest transfers in the Alps.

There are a number of airports to choose from, the closest of which is Sion, making it slightly easier to get a good deal on your airfare. Although the journey is long, it is magical, as when you arrive you’ll find yourself among the highest mountains in Europe and in a wonderful, traditional, car-free Alpine setting.



Travel to Saas Fee

By Plane

Sion - 80km / approx 1h20m by car or 2h30m by rail

The easiest way to get to Saas-Fee from Sion is either in a hire car or private transfer with Ski Lifts 

It is also a manageable journey on public transport, although slightly inconvenient by Swiss standards. You’ll need to get into Sion itself from where you take the train to Visp, and then the bus (which runs every 30mins) to Saas-Fee. Check for tickets and more info.

Geneva - 234km / approx 2h30m by car or 3h40m by rail

If travelling by rail, take the train from the airport direct to Visp, where there’s a 15 minute wait for the bus that takes you direct to Saas-Fee. You can buy tickets from

It will be a little quicker to drive, so taking a hire car or private transfer with Ski Lifts are both options.

Zurich - 250 km / approx 3h20m by both car and rail

There are direct trains to Visp from Zuriuch airport that leave at 40 minutes past every hour, failing that you will need to change at Zurich Hauptbahnhof. From Visp there is a bus that takes you up to has timetables and tickets.

If you prefer the open road then we suggest either hiring a car or taking a private transfer with Alp Line.

Bern - 120 km / approx 2h25m and 10 minutes longer by train

If taking the train from Bern airport you will need to change at Bern Hauptbahnhof to the direct train to Visp. From Visp the bus will take you to Saas-Fee.

Bern’s not great for private transfers so your best bet is a hire car if you want to avoid public transport.

Basel - 225km / approx 3h10m by car and about 10 minutes quicker by train

Like with Bern, the train from Basel will require a change at the main Bern station, and then another change at Visp on to the Saas-Fee-bound bus. Check for more details and tickets.

You can also hire a car and drive fairly comfortably, or splash out and get a private transfer with someone like Ski Lifts 

Milan - 160km / approx 2h45m

There is a bus that goes directly from Milano Centrale to Saas-Fee, with 2 services in the morning and another 2 in the afternoon. The bus can be booked at There are train options available as well, but they involve 3 or 4 changes so we wouldn’t recommend them.

If driving make sure you fly to Malpensa airport rather than Linate, as Linate is on the wrong side of town for Saas-Fee. From there you can hire a car or take a private transfer.

Car Rental

If you require a hire car for your ski holiday, there are a number of fantastic car rental companies based in Europe.

By Train

Taking the train from the UK to Saas-Fee can be done in a day, but it is a good 11 hour journey. You will want to set off from St Pancras no later than 0930 train, and will need to change in Paris from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon if travelling via Lausanne, or Paris-Est if travelling via Basel. From Basel or Laussane there’s a change to the train for Visp, where you then change to the regular Visp to Saas-Fee bus.

So, if you want to avoid the trappings of modern air travel the train is an option, but not a particularly easy one.


The drive to Saas-Fee can be done in a day, but it is likely to be quite a long day, and once you arrive you’ll wonder what the point of it all was as the village is car free. If you are determined to do it though, you’ll be on the road for a good 9 hours or more once reaching Calais.

Once on French soil you’ll need to head South East past Reimes, Troyes, Dijon and then on to Lausanne in Switzerland. From Lausanne you’ll drive through the Rhone Valley towards Visp and from there the final climb up to Saas-Fee. You can get more detailed directions at

There are 3000 parking spaces in the large covered car park by the entrance to the village. The parking costs are CHF16.50 for the first day, and then CHF12.50 for each day after that. In order to take advantage of the multi night stay discounts you will need to have a visitor card which your hotel can provide you with. All hotels in Saas-Fee can provide transport from the car park to their property.




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