St Moritz Attractions

Sliding is big in St Moritz with both the world famous Cresta Run ( and the resort’s natural ice bobsleigh run. Both are unique in their own way. The Cresta Run, which recently celebrated 125 years of operation, is not a conventional bobsleigh run but a toboggan run – albeit a fairly terrifying high speed descent on something akin to a tin tray. In one of the last bastions of chauvinism, it is only men that are permitted to go down the British-run Cresta, but remarkably few women complain about the policy. Indeed most men would be quite happy for it to be open to women only!

The bobsleigh run (Olympia Bobrun, +41 (0)81 830 02 00;, by contrast is open to women and can be tackled in a taxi-bob, riding enclosed on all sides within a proper bobsleigh behind a professional driver. You’ll only reach 130 km (80 mph) per hour and enjoy a centrifugal force of 5G, phew. And all in 75 seconds. It’s also the world’s largest ice sculpture, created naturally by hand each winter rather than requiring chemical freezants and mechanised construction like all of the others you’ll find worldwide.

Activities Available

Bobsleigh (Olympia Bobrun)
+41 (0)81 830 02 00



Cresta Run

41 (0)81 833 45 88

Golf (Indoors)

Golf On Snow.

Ice Climbing.

Ice Skating.


Ski Joering.

Sleigh Rides.

Snow Kiting
+ 41 (0)81 828 97 67


Toboggan Runs.


Tennis (Indoors)

Winter Hiking Paths (150km).


Of course St Moritz is a paradise for seriously wealthy shoppers in search of the world’s best jewellery and fashion. Via Serlas is often equated to Rodeo Drive in Hollywood with every name in gold, diamonds, watches and haute couture present. Armani, Versace, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Bulgari, Prada, Hermes, Chopard and Pucci to name just a few.

However the resort’s 150 shops include many more affordable choices that would be the norm in any leading ski resort, and the large number of stores means there’s plenty of choice.

St Moritz Ski Deals

The Hotel Hauser in St Moritz

Accommodation From £208 per night

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The Nira Alpina in St Moritz; Copyright: Nira Alpina

Accommodation From £260 per night

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Badrutt's Palace Hotel in St Morritz in Switzerland

Accommodation From £827 per night

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