Ski Schools

PassionSki GmbH

Via Brattas 22
7500 St. Moritz

Passion Ski are a small group of professional, qualified and experienced instructors, who are eager to share their enthusiasm, ability, and experience with anyone interested in improving their technique. With their instructors, you can gain the confidence and ability needed to enjoy each element of the skiing experience and be able to approach every aspect of the wonderful feeling that each day of skiing brings.
[email protected]
+41 81 83 66 66

St. Moritz Ski School (Via Stredas 14)
+41 (0)81 830 01 01

Ski Cool St. Moritz (Via Sturetscha 13, Silvaplana-Surlej)
+41 (0)79 915 29 89

Suvretta Snowsports (Via Chasellas 1)
+41 (0)81 836 61 61

True Values Snowboard School ( Via Quadrellas 4)
+41 (0)81 854 00 09

Private Ski Instructor Association St.Moritz (Via Suot Crasta 14).

Private Snowsports Team (Via Rosatsch 9).

St Moritz Ski Deals

The Hotel Hauser in St Moritz

Accommodation From £189 per night

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The Nira Alpina in St Moritz; Copyright: Nira Alpina

Accommodation From £236 per night

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Badrutt's Palace Hotel in St Morritz in Switzerland

Accommodation From £753 per night

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