Resort Attractions

Aspen is dog-obsessed with the city having one dog per two humans. This being Aspen the facilities for canines are better than for humans in some parts of the world and pooches are welcome in many establishments right up to the five star Little Nell hotel where dog owners are provided with a ‘Petiquette’ guide on arrival.

Of course, much as you may love your own dog, it probably isn’t worth the hassle and six months in quarantine on your return leg to fly him or her over to Aspen. However you need not spend your ski holiday dog free, as The Aspen Animal Shelter (+1 (970) 544 0206) will lend you a pup free of charge for a few hours or the whole day. You can also buy lots of treats to take back to your own pooch in one of the city’s boutique pet shops.

Activities Available

Art Museum
+1 (970) 925 8050

Billiards and Pool
+1 ( 970) 920 4244)

Climbing Wall
+1 (970) 544 4100

Heritage Tours Of Aspen
+1 (970) 925 372

Hot Air Ballooning.
Hot Springs.

Ice Climbing
+1 (970) 925 7625

Ice Hockey Matches
+1 (970) 544 4100

Ice skating

+1 (970) 429 2039

+1 (970) 544 4100

Winter Mountaineering
+1 (970) 925 7625).


Definitely a shopping mecca, Aspen has hundreds of shops for all tastes and budgets and did once famously ban fur sales from its luxury boutiques as the city’s lightly liberal local government came head to head with some of its super rich clientele.
Art is big in the resort, which even has an Art Museum (not many ski resorts can claim that!) as well as 30 art galleries interspersed between the shops, and where you can purchase the odd potential or actual masterpiece as a holiday souvenir. The work of famous American artists like Dale Chihuly, David LaChapelle and Robert Mapplethorpe is displayed alongside local artists so you are bound to see something you like.

But besides the art gallery shops there are dozens of fashion retailers, including everything from fun and funky to world famous haute couture (look out for Fendi, Prada, Gucci, Frette, Olilly and Christian Dior), a big choice of gift and souvenir shops and of course all the other shops you could wish for in a ski resort or indeed the large town that the City of Aspen is today. The list keeps changing but includes around 15 jewellery stores, 38 clothing stores and 73 retail stores.