Activities Available

Arcade (in the Beaver Run)
Ceramics Making Workshop (970-453-5765)
+1 970 453 7243
Dog Sledding (Good Times Adventures, 6061 Tiger Road)
+1 970 453 7604
Fly Fishing (Mountain Angler; 311 S. Main St)
+1 970 453 4665)
Horseback Riding
+1 970 453 4438
Hot Air Balloon Rides
+1 970 468 9280
Ice Arena
+1 970 547 99741
Interactive Art Workshops
Mine Tours
+1 970 453 4405
Museum And Museum Tours
+1 970 453 4481
Recreation Center (880 Airport Road)
+1 970 453 1734
Rock Climbing
Sleigh Rides
+1 970 453 4438
Snowmobiling (Good Times Adventures, 6061 Tiger Road)
+1 970 453 7604
Snowshoeing ( 1200 Ski Hill Rd)
+1 970 453 6855
(+1 970 453 0199).

Resort Attractions

It may seem a little odd to go half way around the world and nearly two miles up above sea level in mid-winter just to go down a mine, but a visit to one of Breckenridge’s historic mines, the reason the town you’re now skiing above came about, is a unique, educational and fun experience for the whole family. County Boy Mine Tours (+1 970 453 4405; offer underground mine tours, in which you’ll learn what miners of the 19th and early 20th centuries faced as they toiled to make their fortunes in the Colorado Rockies, before later residents discovered the even greater value of the abundant local white gold you don’t have to dig down for (although you sometimes have to dig out of).


With more than 220 shops,. Breckenridge is paradise for shopaholics who could spend the week here and not shop the same store twice, just as you can spend a week and still find new runs – although actually there are a third more shops than runs.

With so many choices, virtually all needs and tastes are catered for somewhere and there’s little point in pulling out examples – better to write a full Breckenridge shopping guide book. However, many of the shops are located in the town’s historic district, lining Main Street. For something regional, there a Navajo native American crafts shop called Paint Horse Gallery (226 S Main St.; +1 970 453 6813; or for some quirky ladies clothing that perhaps sums up the spirit of Breckenridge, try the delightfully named Canary in a Clothesmine (114 S Main St.; +1 970 547 9007;

About twenty minutes away and accessible using the free Summit Stage are the Factory Outlet Shops at Silverthorne Great branded and designer items can be purchased here at really outstanding value – whatever the £/$ exchange rate. This is always a popular diversion for British visitors.