There is plenty to keep you amused in Crested Butte even when you are not on the slopes! As the old town of Cresed Butte is first and foremost a ski town nowadays, its roots are based in mining and as such the town has a lot ot offer those choosing not to ski or board. There are a great range of shops dotted around the charming downtown area and the museum is a great place to fnd out more about the towns history. Trips to the museum are, in fact, part of the kids clubs programme at the ski school. More boisterous activities are also available such as zipline tours through the trees and the adventure park which offer bungee jumping! 

If you can't bear to be too far from the snow once the pistes have closed then fear not, there are plenty of snow based activities available too. Cross country skiing is very popular in Crested Butte - check out the local Nordic club where you can get lessons and rentals and enjoy over 55km of Nordic trails. You can also try snow shoeing, horse riding or snowmobiling or even a dog sled tour if you'd prefer animal to engine power!