Mountain Restaurants

Deer Valley seeks to be unrivalled in North America for its on mountain dining, and although that especially means the gourmet level options, it also includes the more basic cafeteria experience too. Other leading resorts have caught up a good deal after Deer Valley led the way for quality lunch time on-mountain dining, but it’s still the only one that pays a young man or woman to stand and constantly open the door for arriving and departing diners.

There are ten places to eat on the mountain, most open for lunch. Royal Street Café, located in the Silver Lake Lodge at mid-mountain has a modern design and serves a modern twist on fast food such as the Bacon BBQ Burger as well as simple but delicious concepts like the shrimp and lobster layered with papaya salsa and fresh guacamole, served in a margarita glass.

Other options include the Empire Canyon Grill, Snow Park and Silver Lake Restaurants, while Bald Mountain Pizza in Silver Lake Lodge is good for Italian with pizza and pasta dishes. Snowshoe Tommy’s on Bald Mountain and Cushing’s Cabin at the Flagstaff Mountain summit are the other options for a quick bite.

Restaurants In Town

You can eat dinner at many of the restaurants that were open for lunch including the Royal Street Café. You can dine by one of the five fire place at Empire Canyon Lodge and select from a similar number of courses, which might include raclette, followed by stews or fricassees and a caramel or white chocolate Grand Marnier dessert fondue.
Fine dining options include the Mariposa, located in Silver Lake Lodge, which has been given a number one rating in the Zagat Restaurant Guide and offers a blend of classic and current cuisine.

Zagat also recommends the Snow Park Lodge which does a famed predominantly seafood buffet with cuisine ranging from Dungeness crab to freshly shucked oysters, as well as sushi, lobster bisque, steamed mussels, clams, yellowfin tuna and a lot of meat and pasta dishes for those not wholly obsessed with seafood.

Of course for a far wider choice of dining for all tastes and budgets it’s easy to head to downtown Park City for a vast range of dining styles and themes.

Grocery Shops

There are no grocery shops in resort but Deer Valley does have an on-site bakery, Snow Park (+1 (435) 645 6623), which operates year round producing stupendous deserts ranging from a signature Deer Valley Carrot Cake or Deer Valley Cheesecake, through more complex items like Stein's Favorite Marzipan Cake comprising an almond cake and raspberry preserves with chantilly cream, through to a full scale wedding cake (at least 72 hours advance ordering required).

There are, of course, a full range of delis, grocery store and supermarkets in downtown Park City a few miles away, but why spend time visiting them when you can just order online and have your groceries delivered to you in your Deer Valley accommodation.

The Grocery Girls (+1 (866) 278 2254’ will be delighted to do your food shop for you, as will Park City Grocery Delivery (+1 (435) 649 4746;