Heavenly makes a point of the fact that you can be active here 24 hours a day. Rather like Las Vegas, getting through the larger of the wee-small-hours between say 5 and 7am does involve being inside the casinos, but most of the rest of the time you can be out on the slopes or partying in one of the hundred or so bars and other venues that are spread across South Lake Tahoe. Locals say things get started at 2am and plan to sleep between 7 and 9am in order to make it on to the slopes for the fresh powder.

As a year-round destination South Lake Tahoe has lots of evening activities besides the bar scene. An eight screen multiplex shows the latest blockbusters made just on the other side of the mountains, and there’s bowling, skating, and tubing to name just a few of the options.

There are a few places in the base village but some of the more established venues with a long term reputation are a walk, drive or shuttle bus ride away. Whiskey Dick's Saloon (2660 Lake Tahoe Blvd.; +1 (530) 544 3425) is a perennial favourite and has live music, free pinball, pool tables and an internet jukebox, while the Tudor English Pub (1041 Fremont Ave.; +1 (530) 541 6603) provides a wonderfully surreal experience for visiting Brits. There are many, many more.

The half-dozen casinos do have the biggest nightlife offering, with Harvey’s alone boasting 19 bars and restaurants. Big name acts like Beyonce perform live here (as well as many less well known stars!) and each has one or more night clubs. The Mont Bleu casino has both Opal, an ‘ultra-lounge,’ and the Blu Nightclub.