Mountain Restaurants

There are two main restaurant buildings actually up on the mountain and a dozen or so more at the base which can also be skied into (see après ski section of the best).

Up on the slopes The Top of the Sierra right at the top of the slopes has great views and a cafe serving mainly snack type food like paninis, gourmet sandwiches or home made soup.

Below it at mid-mountain is McCoy Station, a large and often busy cafeteria style building at the top of the gondolas coming up from several of Mammoth’s base locations. This serves food from breakfast onward, mostly of wholesome and hearty mountain fare style such as chilli and stews; but there are a myriad of options including salad bars, organic baking and gourmet burgers.

The Mill Cafe is actually at a lower level than the base lodge but is away from the main development at the base of the Gold Rush and Stump Alley chairs. It has a great terrace and a reputation for its Californian cuisine.

Restaurants In Town

There are more than 75 places to eat out in and around Mammoth.

The majority are located down in Mammoth Lakes but there’s a growing choice of dining options in The Village. This ranges from a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream outlet (+1 (760) 9349316), plus the self explanatory Peta Pit (+1 (760)924 7482) and Burger Restaurant (+1 (760) 934 6622), through a couple of Asian/sushi restaurants Lakanuki and Sushi Rei  to fine dining in the Hyatt hotel at Whitebark.

Mammoth’s enviable dining choice is based primarily on the big selection in Mammoth Lakes however, virtually all of which lie somewhere between good and very good. For Italian try Giovanni’s (437 Old Mammoth Road; +1 (760) 934 7563), for steaks try Slocum’s Grill (3221 Main St; +1 (760) 934 7647), for Mexican it’s Gomez’s ( 100 Canyon Blvd; +1 (760) 924 2693), for Bavarian, oddly, the Austria Hof (924 Canyon Blvd; +1 (760) 934 2764); One World Eats (3711 Main Street; +1 (760) 934 5600) for Mediterranian food like falafels, and for Japanese - Shogun. The list goes on.

The Tamarack Lodge has some of the best fine dining or, for a special treat, Mammoth offers snowcat dinners in which you ride in a snowcat oversnow tractor up to the mountain top for a meal in Parallax mountain restaurant within McCoy Station mid-mountain.

Grocery Shops

There are several grocery store options in Mammoth.

Vons (481 Old Mammoth Rd, Minaret Village Mall; +1 (760) 934 4536) is an excellent fully-stocked grocery store with fresh veg, deli, an on site bakery and even fresh sushi department.

There’s a Rite Aid store (26 Old Mammoth Rd; +1 (760) 934 8561) and the Busy Beez General Store (6201 Minaret Rd; +1 (760) 924 2899) is a traditional grocers sticking to the business plan of trying to stock a little bit of everything.

Sierra Sundance Earth Foods (26 Old Mammoth Rd; +1 (760) 934 8122) is the place to head for organic produce.