On the 1st of July, Avoriaz opened a huge aqualudic complex. They’ve called it The Aquariaz and it contains a pool, a wild river, a wave machine, a Jacuzzi, an amazing water half pipe and a unique selection of tropical plants imported from all around the world! And entry is only €2!

It’s truly unique. No project in Europe has ever gone to these lengths to acclimatize tropical plants to an environment so far removed from their natural equatorial habitat. It's the only complex of its kind to be built at an altitude of 1800m and so it's been a massive technical challenge ensuring that the rare tropical plants and trees adjusted to the change.

Behind the scenes, Avoriaz took on an enormous acclimatization project to prepare each tree for the journey from the jungle in Asia to the Northern Alps in France. An amazing tropical mix of plants was specially imported from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia, requiring intensive acclimatization to ensure the plants survived the aggressive change in conditions. The days are much shorter in the winter, the air is very, very dry and their orientation to the sun is completely different to that of the jungle, so huge care was taken in months of preparation to ensure the equatorial plants adjusted well.

The aquariaz in Avoriaz now holds the largest and the oldest mahogany tree ever imported to Europe at 350 years old! This stunning tree was successfully acclimatized and now lives happily at an altitude of 1800m above sea level. In addition to the unique tropical habitat, the water in the building is warmed using an eco-friendly, biomass boiler heating system. This innovative solution allows Avoriaz to carefully control the energy consumption whilst remaining very energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Once again, Avoriaz has succeeded in creating something that is remarkable and unique. They’ve taken an amazing water park with waves, rivers and Jacuzzis and upped the ante by building it in one of the most incredible tropical habitats. It’s a true oxymoron - a tropical oasis in the middle of a cold, dry and icy snow world.

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Posted by Adam Wagner on Wednesday 02 Jul 2014

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