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Making a Ski Accommodation Reservation

There are two ways that you can search for and book ski accommodation online with PowderBeds. The first is by using our ski holiday search tool that is visible on the top left hand corner of every page. The second is by browsing through the site, reading our reviews and guides to help you choose the right ski accommodation for your ski holiday, and searching for availability using the hotel’s own search tool in the top right hand corner of the screen.

The search tool, visible in the top left hand corner of every page, allows you to search for ski accommodation in the desired:

1. Country
2. Ski resort
3. Property (if known)
4. Check in dates
5. Number of nights you would like to stay
6. Number of guests

A list of results will appear showing the accommodation available on the selected dates in blue. If a property is not available on the dates you searched for, but has availability within a week before or after your selected check-in date, it will appear in grey. To view its availability and prices click “view available dates” and select another day which is highlighted in blue.

For more information and an overview of each property click “more information…”. Details of the room types/apartment types, property’s amenities, location, the accommodation policies and customer reviews are located in the navigation tabs on the left.

If you haven’t yet decided where and when you are going on your ski holiday, you can browse through the site, reading our guides, reviews and descriptions of each country, ski resort, and property to help you find the right accommodation for your ski holiday.

On each resort page you will find a “view accommodation” link/button to all the accommodation that is available in that resort. From here you can read more about each property in resort by selecting the accommodation of your choice from the list.
When you have found a property that you would like to book, click “book now” and confirm the rooms you would like to book before continuing.

Allocate your guests into rooms then fill in your contact details and payment details before confirming the booking. The booking confirmation screen will clearly show all essential booking information and a booking confirmation e-mail will be sent automatically.


Are beds, cots and high chairs available?

 Most properties have children’s equipment available. Information regarding children’s cots, beds, high chairs and any other children’s equipment in the property is provided in ‘accommodation policies’. Each individual property may have a different policy on the cost of children’s equipment – some include it in the room rate and others charge locally.

Bedding/Room Types

What’s the difference between a twin room and a double room?

A twin bedroom contains 2 single beds and a double room contains a double bed.


What does the price include?

The price includes the cost of the stay at the booked hotel, apartment, chalet or condo. The price may also include access to the property’s facilities and meals as outlined in the accommodation description. The price also includes all fees and taxes, with the exception of those which must be paid locally (such as the Tax de Séjour in France). PowderBeds does not charge a booking fee of any kind. Please note that access to the pool, jacuzzi and sauna will often be free but spa treatments and services will be payable locally.

PowderBeds sells accommodation only so our prices do not include any travel costs, transfers (unless otherwise specified), or any other holiday extras.

Does the price include breakfast?

Whether breakfast is included in the price depends entirely on the Hotel and the room types that are chosen. You can see exactly what is included in the price of by reading the description of each apartment, chalet or hotel room.

Is the room rate per person per night or per unit per night?

The rates we show are per unit (i.e. apartment, hotel room etc) per night. The total cost of the holiday is confirmed later in the booking process after allocating guests into the rooms.

Does the room rate include taxes?

Our prices include all taxes that can be paid in advance, however some ski resorts have additional taxes that can only be paid locally. These are shown in the ‘additional costs’ section of ‘accommodation policies’.

Are my children full price?

Many children will not be charged full price and in most hotels babies and toddlers under the age of 2 are free. However, most properties whose rates are per unit will not offer reduced rates for children.

The final cost of the holiday will be confirmed after guests have been allocated into rooms and if there are child discounts these will be calculated in the final accommodation price. 


Who am I paying, PowderBeds or the Hotel?

You are paying PowderBeds and your contract is with us. We act as the principal and not the agent, so you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you are making a secure booking with a UK based Travel Company that is ABTA bonded (ABTA number V3690). We are bound by UK laws and legislation.

Do I pay in advance or on arrival?

Full payment is made to PowderBeds before you travel. If you book within 10 weeks of departure , full payment is due at the time of booking. If you have booked out with 10 weeks before your departure, then you can pay us a deposit and your balance will be due 10 weeks before departure. Please note that deposit required may differ depending on the property. 

Do I get charged a booking fee?

No, PowderBeds does not charge any booking fees.

What credit card types do you accept?

We accept:

- VISA credit
- VISA Debit
- VISA Electron
- Mastercard
- Maestro
- American Express
- Diner’s Club
- Laser
- Solo

My credit card details are entered correctly, but the site is not accepting it, why?

There could be a number of reasons, you may want to check with your bank to ensure there are sufficient funds or that the card hasn’t been blocked.

Do I have to use a credit card?

No, PowderBeds accepts the following debit cards:

- VISA Debit
- VISA Electron
- Maestro
- Laser
- Solo 


How do I know it is safe to book online?

We take security very seriously. We ensure your payment card details and personal information is treated with the utmost security, and everything is encrypted. For more information please see our security policy.

How do I know my details are secure?

When you buy your ski accommodation over the Internet with PowderBeds, your web browser connects with the website through an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL is an industry-standard protocol for encrypting information over the Internet. When data is encrypted, it is scrambled between your computer and our server. The information only becomes unscrambled when it reaches us safely. It is safe, fast and ensures that no one else can read your personal information.

Why do you take my credit card details?

Your credit or debit card details are needed to take payment for the booking.

What do you do with my information?

Your information is only stored as part of the booking. We do not store payment card details and we will never pass your information on to 3rd parties. 


After booking do I receive written confirmation?

PowderBeds will send a confirmation e-mail that details of your:

- Booking confirmation number
- The hotel, apartment or chalet booked
- The price
- The booking terms and conditions
- Directions on how to reach the property.

You need to print this off and take it with you to present to reception on arrival

How long does it take to receive confirmation of a booking?

You should receive your booking confirmation e-mail almost instantly. As always, there can be delays in e-mails being received if the servers perform at a slower level than normal. If you do not receive a booking confirmation please contact us

What is the E-mail Newsletter?

If you choose to sign up to the PowderBeds newsletter you will receive ski news, snow-reports, ski hints and tips and other peices of essential snow information direct to your inbox. We will never pass your details on to 3rd parties. Ever.

I’ve not received my e-mail confirmation, what should I do?

Confirmation e-mails are sent automatically but in a very small number of cases there may be a short delay between booking and receiving the e-mail. If you fail to receive confirmation please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone on 0131 240 3300.


Can I cancel or modify my booking?

Yes, you can cancel and modify your booking by getting in touch with us by e-mail at [email protected] or over the phone on 0131 240 3300. All information on the cancellation policy is in our terms and conditions.

Is there a fee for cancellations?

The details of our cancellation fees vary depending on how late you cancel. Please see our terms and conditions for detail of our cancellation policy.

Where can I read then PowderBeds cancellation policy?

Details of our cancellation policy can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Can I cancel over the phone?

Yes of course. We are open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm on 0131 240 3300.

What is the cancellation procedure?

If you would like to cancel, get in touch either by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone on 0131 240 3300. We will complete any necessary cancellation and confirm by e-mail.

Whose cancellation policy do we use?

PowderBeds acts as the principal and not just an agent for the accommodation provider so we use our own cancellation policy. Acting as the principal means that we are fully ABTA bonded making your booking safe and secure. All information on our cancellation policy is located here in our terms and conditions here >>,

Changes to Bookings

How do I change my contact details?

If you need to make any changes to bookings please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or by over the phone on 0131 240 3300.

Accommodation Reviews

How do I leave a review?

On every resort and accommodation overview page you can add your review by clicking ‘add your review’. Fill in your name, your e-mail (if you wish), add your rating and submit your review. Your review will be sent to our moderator who will check it for spam or anything offensive in nature, after which it will be published on the site. If you leave your e-mail address you will be notified when your review is published.

Where are the reviews on the site?

All reviews are located in the ‘customer reviews’ tabs of both resort overview pages, and accommodation overview pages.

Do I need to create or register an account before I can leave a review?

No, you don’t need an account to submit a review.

How long does it take?

Not long at all, it all depends on how much detail you go into.

What’s the difference between the hotels star rating and the customer rating?

The hotel star rating is given by PowderBeds and is based on the overall features and quality of the property. We base our star ratings on features of the property such as facilities, quality of the furnishings extra amenities and so on.

Customer ratings are provided by customers who have stayed at the property.

How are the customer ratings calculated?

The customer ratings are calculated by taking an average of all ratings by past guests.

Hotel Policies

Where can I see the accommodations policies?

All accommodation policies can be found in the ‘accommodation policies’ tab below the search box of each accommodation overview page.

What if I arrive earlier or later than the check in times?

It is the guest's responsibility to arrive between the hours of check-in. In the case of late or early arrival, please notify the property reception on the telephone number provided as soon as possible to inform them otherwise access to the apartment cannot be guaranteed.

What if I want to check out after the stated check out times?

Inform the reception if you want to check out after the known checkout times. If the room is reserved, you may be required to move your luggage into another property or into a left luggage room before checking out. It is at the property’s discretion to decide whether you are able to stay on later than the check-out time. Please note that you can be charged for a late check out so always check with reception to avoid incurring any charges. 

Does my hotel allow pets?

Accommodation policies for pets can be found in the ‘accommodation policies’ tab below the search box of each accommodation overview page.

On Arrival

Where do I pick up the keys to the apartment?

Keys are collected at the reception of most properties. If the keys to your accommodation are to be collected elsewhere there is information on where to pick them up in the ‘check in’ section of ‘accommodation policies’. Please note we cannot be held responsible should you fail to follow the key pick-up proceedure for any of our featured properties.

How do I get to my accommodation?

Information on the location and how to get to your accommodation is provided in your booking confirmation e-mail as well as in the ‘accommodation map’ section of the accommodation overview page.

Where can I get the address of my accommodation?

You can see the contact details and the address of your accommodation after booking as part of the confirmation e-mail.


I opted out from receiving PowderBeds promotional offers and newsletters and I have received a promotional e-mail?

This shouldn’t have happened and if it has, we apologise. Please contact us and we will ensure you are removed from our mailing list.

The e-mail you received may have been a link to review your accommodation after returning from your PowderBeds ski holiday. We offer all our customers the opportunity to provide a review after their stay.

  0131 240 3300

 [email protected]