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It’s Fun!

Skiing is great fun for everyone, but especially for children! They get to cruise down pistes and whizz around a winter wonderland.

Kids playing in the snow


Science Lessons

You wouldn’t normally associate it with science, but a lot of physics is involved in skiing. Children learn a lot about gravity and how to use forces to make the edges on their skis slow them down and turn. A fun lesson is wind resistance and aerodynamics – children often love the racing tuck as it helps them go faster!

Plus, sitting on the chair lift can be a bit like being in a (very fun) Geography class. It gives them the opportunity to learn about different types of snow, wildlife and temperature differences, as well as other facts about the mountain.

Kid skiing fast


Strength and Fitness

It’s not often that children spend seven hours a day taking part in physical exercise, but that’s what happens on a ski holiday. Skiing is a full body workout and increases the strength in their legs, stomach, back and arms, and improves their overall fitness. It also tests their balancing skills, and often you’ll see a marked improvement in the child’s balance over the course of a week.

Kids skiing in Chamonix

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Learning a new skill really increases confidence in children. The quietest child on the first day of ski lessons can often become the most outgoing by the end of the week.

Kids on the piste in Les Arcs

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There is no better feeling than working hard at something and achieving your goal. It’s quite common for children to find their first day of skiing hard, but by the end of the week they love it!

Kids cruising down the piste in Chamonix

 © Pierre Raphoz Photographie / OT Chamonix

Mountain Safety

The mountain can be a dangerous place, and skiers and boarders have to know how to deal with extreme conditions. Children who ski, therefore, have to learn how to stay safe on the mountain and dress appropriately for the cold conditions.

 Kids having fun in Chamonix

 © Pierre Raphoz Photographie / OT Chamonix

What other great reasons are there to get kids skiing? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

Guest post from Nick Robinson – Ski Instructor and Co-founder of Maison Sport.

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Posted on Friday 25 Nov 2016

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