We are really excited about the new flagship GoPro Camera, the HERO3. GoPro cameras are the perfect tool for capturing great quality videos and photos of your ski holidays and we use them all the time on our trips to the Mountains.

They’re lightweight, small, very robust and completely waterproof so you can stick them in your pocket at the beginning of the day and you don’t have to worry about damaging it whilst skiing. And, the camera itself performs much better than any other video camera within the same price bracket on the market.


GoPro Hero 3

We won’t bore you with a load of technical jargon, but the major highlights of this new camera include:


  • A maximum fps (frames per second) of 120, so your slowmo shots will be smoother and more epic looking than ever before.
  • Two times the resolution that its predecessor, and it performs much better in low light.
  • Wi-Fi enabled, so you can stream your videos straight to a computer, tablet or smartphone without having to plug it in.
  • Gopro have also developed a new free app that allows you to control the camera remotely through a wireless network on your phone. Very cool!


The new HERO3 has been released in three editions: black, silver and white. They range in price with black being the most expensive to the white edition being the more affordable option, cameras are not yet available to order but they will retail at around £359 for the black camera, £279 for the silver and £199 for the white edition. 

Despite the price difference they all have the shared feature of being the same size and Wifi enabled. GoPro boasts that during its development ‘no expense was spared’, and the HERO3 is now 30% smaller, 25% lighter and 2 times more powerful than its predecessor.

Check out this astonishing video showcasing what the GoPro HERO3 can really do. You’ll quickly see what all the fuss is about!




Posted on Friday 17 Oct 2014

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