Les Diablerets Mountain Restaurants

There are six mountain dining options spread across Les Diablerets’ three ski areas. In the Meilerets sector, Rachy (+41 (0)24 492 34 32), located at the bottom of the Jorasse piste is good for traditional Swiss mountain cuisine as is Mazots (+41 (0)24 492 10 23) which does a great fondue. In the Isenau Sector Palette (+41 (0)24 492 32 93) is usually popular and the Chalet d'Isenau (+41 (0)79 869 19 99; chaletdisenau.ch) is a great place for sampling the best of local cuisine, it is one of the official sites for the production of authentic L’Etivaz cheese, AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controllée) which plays a prominent part in the cuisine. Every morning in the summer the owning family start the work of transforming around 900 litres of milk into the traditional Alpine cheese. The cheese is made from unpasteurised milk over a wood fire according to the strict rules set down by l’Etivaz farmers’ co-operative.

There is also the famous designer cube Botta restaurant (+41 (0)24 492 09 31;glacier3000.ch) which offers both cafeteria and table service. Finally, up at Glacier3000 you have the Refuge de l'Espace (+41 (0) 79 744 88 00) and Zeller's Skibar (+41 (0)79 455 74 34).

Restaurants In Les Diablerets

You'll find about 20 places in which to eat out in Les Diablerets, many of them offering homely regional cuisine and Swiss mountain specialities, but there are some international cuisine restaurants too.

For a simple crepe La Grange (+41 (0)24 492 13 81) is the place to go. The Auberge de la Poste (Rue de la Gare; +41 (0)24 492 31 24; aubergedelaposte.ch) offers gourmet standard Swiss meals and La Montagne is another good choice for local specialities.

There are several good Italian options. The rustic Les Lilas (Route Col du Pillon; +41 (0)24 492 31 34; les-lilas.ch) and Chez Lacroix (Rue de la Gare; +41 (0)24 492 31 44; http://www.chezlacroix.ch), a pizzeria, are two of the main choices. L'Ormonan (+41 (0)24 492 38 38; ormonan.ch) also offers pizza, but has a Chinese food menu too. The small restaurant seats 50 but also does take out meals. One of the most sophisticated restaurants in town is the large Le Stüberl in the Eurotel Victoria which serves French cuisine as well as international dishes 

Grocery Shops in Les Diablerets

Les Diablerets has half-a-dozen food outlets covering all your in-resort needs. The Alpine Gourmet Service (Le Plan; +41 (0)24 492 08 81) run by Caroline Bloom will deliver groceries to you and also provides a catering service if required.

For cakes, breads and the like the Bakery Aux Délices run by the Corminboeuf family (Rue des Ormonts; +41 (0)24 492 39 75) is where to go. There’s a butcher’s shop, J.J. Tille (+41 (0)24 491 13 22) but this only opens on Saturday mornings. For dairy produce try "Du Petit Diable" (+41 (0)24 492 31 87).

There are several grocery stores including Satellite Denner (Rue des Ormonts; +41 (0)24 492 39 49) and a small COOP supermarket (+41 (0)24 492 31 07)

If you arrive in resort early enough at the weekend there’s a weekly market (+41 (0)24 492 00 10) every Saturday morning from 8am to noon with local fruit and vegetables on the market square next to the train station.



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