Steamboat’s atmosphere, character and amenities will suit most families. All the facilities and interest are here, as well as slopeside convenience and good easy slopes to ski or board together.

The resort has a big range of facilities and services for families, starting at a young age (six months in fact) with the Kids’ Vacation Center which recently expanded in size by 40% with a new entrance out on to the slopes. The Western-themed facility provides age-streamed care for kids up to age six years and can include ski school from as young as age two, when special one hour private lessons are offered.

From age 3½ or four years old children can join Mavericks in ski school for full-day of nursery care but with two one hour sessions on the snow. From age four to six years Sundance Kids sees the children spending more time on the slopes, with beginners in special nursery areas just for them, but more advanced skiers taken out on to suitable slopes. Rough Rider Basin on the mountain is Steamboat’s kids-only zone complete with teepees, a mineshaft and a log cabin playhouse. It has its own surface lift and fun terrain features. Kids can also be tracked on mountain with new MountainWatch GPS system powered by Flaik which is given to every child in the resort’s Ski & Snowboard School program.

There’s also the special Sunshine Family Trail that winds through the trees between Flintlock and Sunshine Lift Line trails in Sunshine Bowl. There are cartoon character cut outs en route as well as fun terrain features.

Steamboat has lots of other specially thought-out facilities and services just for families, including a special children’s ski shop, the S-Zone, located in the new Kids’ Vacation Center, and selling everything children could ever need on the slopes.