Some of the questions we hear most often at Powderbeds HQ are about planning a family ski holiday. We tend to find the key to success in this area is keeping the kids happy, so we’ve gone straight to the source and asked some of our very important mini customers what they enjoyed most about their recent trip to stay at Les Fermes du Soleil in Les Carroz:

Sam, aged 10 and Joel aged 7 stayed at Les Fermes du Soleil and were kind enough to report back on everything they loved about Les Carroz:

les carroz kids skiing


1. How did you get to Les Carroz and how did you find the journey?

Sam “I loved the journey up because there were tons of cliffs and overhangs as you climbed up the mountain, and you could look up at them through the sun roof. And there were loads of little villages but Joel kept saying 'are we there yet'….?”

Joel “It was rather dull. Just sitting by the window.”

2. Tell me what you loved most about the skiing area in Les Carroz.

Sam “I did my first black run – it was vertical! There was a hidden half-pipe in the woods on the Marvel run at Morillon that was all iced up and I went whooshing up and whooshing down. There were some massive jumps and I skied in and out of trees”

Joel – “I liked the big long run that Sam said and all the animal pictures at the side. ”

3. Tell me about your ski lessons, your instructor and the best thing you learnt*

Joel “His name was Ereeeeeeeeek. And I got to ski with poles and do off-road skiing.”

Les Carroz Ski school

4. What did you like about the village of Les Carroz?

Sam “I didn’t like the snow – I LOVED it! And I liked the ice rink and the shape of the buildings, they were like the cartoon buildings with triangular roofs and they had cool oak frames on the inside.”

Joel – “Puppies and kittens being carried in bags - together! And the owner let us stroke them.”

5. What did you like most about the place where you stayed?

Sam – “Being able to go to the swimming pool on the day the mountain closed (snow and high winds). Being able to walk to the shops on our own. Going to the ski shops.”

Joel “We made slides in the snow piles outside."

Les Fermes du Soleil

                 Residence Les Fermes du Soleil

6. What was your favourite thing(s) to do off the slopes?

Sam – “Swim and ice skate and go on my ipod and go to the shops and eat at the Italian restaurant.”

Joel – “The café at the top at Morillon (Le Chalet d’Clair) – best hot chocolate, best fire. I want to go back now!”

7. Can you describe the best food you ate on your holiday?

Sam – “Waffles and cream.”

8. What was the funniest memory you have from your holiday?

Sam “I got stuck in a snow ditch and fell backward and did a back flip.”


9. What do you love most about skiing?

Sam - “Getting twin tips and doing 360s”

Joel - “Off road skiing.”

kids ski chat


Sam and Joel stayed at Les Fermes du Soleil in Les Carroz, if you would like to book a ski holiday there or at another one of our properties then search our homepage or give us a call on 0131 240 3300. 



Posted on Tuesday 13 Jan 2015

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