The spa in the Hôtel Ancolie (Haut du Crey; +33 (0)4 79 55 05 00; is one of the resort’s leading facilities complete with sauna, jacuzzi, sun bed and massage treatments. There’s another spa facility in the Résidence "Les Alpages de Champagny" (+33 (0)4 79 22 21 20) which offers traditional or aromatic massage, beauty treatments a la carte and has a sauna and Hammam. There’s also a sauna in the Hôtel "les Glières" (le Planchamps; +33 (0)4 79 55 05 52;

If you are in search of more mental and spiritual well-being then visit Sophrologue (rue des Chapelets; +33 (0)6 60 38 04 06) which offers expertise in relaxation, self-awareness, emotional control and endeavours to harmonize your mind and body and mind, to build self-esteem.