Samoëns is a good choice for families, who’ll enjoy spending quality time together while based in a traditional French village with all its ambience, as well as the fact it is not too big. And the ski area above is a huge playground to have fun together in.

Childcare is available for children as young as three months (although that age limit rises to a year in peak season), with the Garderie "Les Loupiots" accepting children aged up to six

The French Ski school (ESF, Place de la Gare; +33 450 899 813; offers ski lessons combined with nursery care for children aged three and over. Their fenced-in ski kindergarten is located at Samoëns 1600 at the top of the "Grand Massif Express" and accepts children aged up to six. After a week in the garden children will be awarded the "Piou Piou" or Bear Cub badge depending on their progression in Alpine skiing.