Ski and Snowboard Hire in Avoriaz

There’s a huge choice of ski hire shops throughout Avoriaz; so many in fact that it seems you're never more than a few steps away from one! The Avoriaz ski and snowboard hire shops are run by a number of companies with the two big French rental brands, Skiset and Intersport dominating. This isn’t a bad thing as the quality of their skis, boots and boards is generally high and the service you can expect in their shops is very customer focused.

Unless you require very specialist equipment, we’d always recommend renting ski equipment from the shop nearest to your accommodation. This makes life much easier when you arrive in resort and when you leave – especially with children. To help you, you’ll find handy maps below showing the locations of the Skiset and Intersport rental shops in relation to the various accommodation in Avoriaz.

 Avoriaz Skiset map 

Ski Hire Map Avoriaz

Above is a Ski Set map of Avoriaz, showing all of their rental locations, click map to enlarge.

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If you'd like to hire through Ski Set, the box below will redirect you to the Ski Set site where you can select your nearest store and get up to -50% discount on your hire when your pre-book.  




We've also put together a handy guide with some recommendations on some of the best hire shops in the main locations in Avoriaz. This guide also mentions the main accommodation choices in Avoriaz which should make it easier for you to choose the closest ski hire shop to your apartment or hotel.

Resort Centre

These are the shops located at the top of the Prom du Festival (the main street) near the tourist office. A great location for anyone staying in residence Fontaines Blanche, Electra or Crozats.

Avoriaz Resort Centre Map

Click map to enlarge. 


Ski Set Quiksilver

Based within the Quiksilver shop on Promenade du Festival, this shop is centrally located and great for Residences Fontaines Blanche, Electra and Crozats. The shop offers 5 different ski packs to choose from, 3 snowboard packs and 3 kids packs which is great as there is often less choice in rentals for children. The shop offers a discount for booking ahead online, use promotion code POWDERBEDS to get up to -50% discount. Top tip: the earlier you book, the greater the discount!

Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday : 09:00-13:00/15:00-19:30
Friday-Saturday : 09:00-19:30
Sunday : 08:30-19:30

Phone: +33 1 41 12 97 97

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Intersport Les Fontaines Blanche

Intersport have a great selection of equipment available and a wealth of experince when it comes to quick and easy online booking. They also allow you to change your equipment throughout the week - perfect for a powder day! Check them out:

Phone: +33(0)4 50 74 13 73

Superski Avoriaz

This shop is also run by Ski Set and it just opposite the Quicksilver shop, maiking it idea for anyone staying at Fontaines Blanche, Electra or Crozats, but they offer a greater range of products. All the usual ski and snowboard selections are available as well as Nordic / Touring skis and boots. There is also the option to have your equipment delivered to your accommodation which is very handy! Book in online is advance and use the promotion code POWDERBEDS to get up to -50% discount!

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday - 9am to 7.30pm

Phone: +33 1 41 12 97 97

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Village des Enfants

These shop locations are close to the Village des Enfants ski school area, at the bottom end of Prom du Festival. These are a handy pick up point for anyone who wants to rent close to the ski school or is staying in Residence Portes du Soleil or Melèzes. 

ski set kids

Mir Famouse

Run by ski set, this shop offers a great selection of skis and snowboards to choose from. They also have free lockers here, so if you want to rent near the ski school and then change out of your boots at the end of the day for a comfy walk back to your residence then this is a perfect choice! The shop is also just under Residence Portes du Soleil so it makes an ideal location for anyone staying there. Book in advance using the box above and save up to -50% on your hire costs!

Opening Hours: Monday : 08:30-19:30
Tuesday-Friday : 09:00-19:30
Saturday-Sunday : 08:30-19:30

Phone: +33 1 41 12 97 97

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The Falaise area is right at the top of Avoriaz where you will arrive at the public car park. 

Avoriaz Resort Centre Map

Click map to enlarge. 


Free Ride

Another Ski Set run shop, located right by Residence Saskia Falaise. The shop has 5 different ski packs available and three snowboard packs as well as Nordic and touring equipment available to be hired. You can book ahead of your stay on their website and use the POWDERBEDS promotion code to get up to -50% discount!

Opening Hours: 7 days a week 7.30 am to 7.30pm

Phone: +33 1 41 12 97 97

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There are two shops available at residence L'Amara - both operated by Ski Set:

Amara Sport

Within the residence L’Amara there are two ski set rental shops to choose from. The first is Amara sport, located in the Dharma building. If that’s still too far to go then they will even deliver your equipment free of charge, just order online and use discount code POWDERBEDS or the box above to get up to -50% off when you book in advance! The shop has a range of equipment and offers with 5 ski packages and 3 snowboard packages as well as Nordic and touring skis and kids packages.

Amara sport

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 09:00-13:00/15:00-19:00

Saturday – Sunday 09:00-19:00

Phone: +33 1 41 12 97 97

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Amara by Rossignol

The Amara by Rossignol shop is also located in the Dharma building and supplies a good range of rental equipment. You can order online to receive up to -50% discount by using the code POWDERBEDS. 

Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday : 09:00-13:00/15:30-18:30
Week end : 09:00-19:00

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The lower 'Dromonts' area of Avoriaz is quieter and has far fewer shops then elsewhere and our partners Ski Set do not have a shop in this area, it is not far to one of their other outlets, however if you are staying at Hotel des Dromonts then the closest rental outlet will be an independent shop just across the road or alternatively, Intersport, a well known and reliable chain located on place des Ruches. 

Avoriaz Resort Centre Map

Click map to enlarge. 

Ski&Go Rene Collet

This local independent shop will cater for all you need and is located just a few steps from Hotel des Dromonts. 

Phone: 0033 4 50 74 14 65

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Intersport Place des Ruches

This central branch of Intersport is located on Place des Ruches, it is between the centre of the resort and the Dromonts area. The shop provides a choice of 4 different ski packs but just one snowboard option. They also have snow-friendly push chairs available to rent which are ideal if you have little ones as there are no pavements in the car free resort, you’ll be on the snow all the time.

Opening Hours: 7 days a week December – April, 8.30am to 7pm

Phone: 0033 (0)4 50 74 06 49

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Cande Ski Set

If you've booked your ski accommodation with PowderBeds or would like some advice on ski and snowboard hire in Avoriaz before you book then we'd be delighted to help. Call the team on 0131 240 3300 or email us at [email protected]