Le Grand Bornard's main spa facility is within the remarkable CGH RésidenceLe Vilage de Lessy in Chinaillon which rises in a series of interlinked chalet style buildings for some 19 or 20 storeys above the main street. Each is built into the steep mountainside above the village and opposite the ski slopes. Access is via half a dozen successive escalator rides, with a walk between the top of one and the bottom of the next one as you find your way to the top of the complex where the spa is located, or by road access around the back of the buildings direct to the spa level. Once there you’ll find a substantial facility complete with swimming pool and warmer tubs. Spa facilities include a range of massage and beauty treatments sauna and Hammam.

There are several other small spa facilities and two beauty centres, Les Perles de Senteurs (+33 (0)4 50 27 01 98) and Secrets de Beauté (+33 (0)4 50 63 44 85) as well as services like private masseurs and pedicurists.