Montgenèvre has worked hard over the past few years to dramatically improve its facilities for families with children which are now among the best in Europe. The improvements began when the busy border road that ran through the village was redirected so that it by-passes or is largely underground and the old road, now much less busy was dramatically ‘calmed’ to make the village safer for families.

Then the ‘Snow Front’ area, where the resort meets the ski slopes, was greatly improved and new state-of-the-art buildings created for the resort’s nursery and family entertainments. Most recently more than three million Euros was invested on the slopes themselves right next to the resort where a 50 hectare area saw the creation of a new protected snow garden where children three and older can learn to ski in the best environment possible, complete with easy access lift and an easy-to-use conveyor lift to get on the gentle slope.

There’s a new nursery facility too for children aged six months to six years old. Called the Espace Partenaire and located at the foot of the pistes, this facility has 30 places reserved for tourists and visitors.