As one of the ski resorts in the Maurienne Valley, the nearest and most convenient airport for Val Cenis is Chambéry, an hour and a half away with regular bus transfers available directly to the resort. The nearest rail station is Modane, about 20km away from which there are also regular buses up to the resort. Some of the other airports such as Grenoble are only an hour and forty minutes away however transfer links are not nearly as good.


By Plane

Chambéry Airport - 130 km / approx 1 hour 30 mins

Bus transfers run regularly between Chambéry and Val Cenis with Altibus (

Failing this you also have the option of private transfers with Alp Line ( or a hire car.

Or you can take the train to Modane (you’ll need to get from the airport into Chambéry itself though) and then take a taxi for the last 20km of the journey up to resort.

Grenoble Airport - 155 km / approx 1 hours 40 mins

Direct busses to La Toussuire are hard to come by. The best option is probably private transfers that you can book in advance with Alp Line ( or you can hire a car and drive.

Otherwise you can take a fairly long train journey to Modane, and then a bus or taxi up to resort.

Lyon Airport - 230 km / approx 2 hours

You can take the train from Lyon to Modane which takes between two and three hours and requires a few changes and bus or taxi to and from the train station either end.

Otherwise, it’s possible to organise a private transfer with Alp Line ( or rent a car.

Geneva Airport - 114 km / approx 2 hours 20 mins

Geneva is not quite as easy as some of the other airports for arranging travel. The best option is most likely car hire or organise a private transfer with Alp Line (


By Train

If flying isn’t your thing there is the option of taking the train. There are regular trains that run between London and Modane, about 20km from Val Cenis. This does however require a few changes, initially a change of station in Paris from Gare du Nord to Gare du Lyon to the domestic TGV line, and then again in Chambéry before heading up through the Mauriennne valley up to Modane. From here you can catch a bus or a taxi to Val Cenis. To book tickets and check times go to


By Car

Driving to the Alps is certainly possible in a day, although there is no doubt that it is a long drive. The journey time does vary considerably depending on the weather and the traffic. We strongly recommend you bring a set of working snow chains, and t may be worth making sure there is a heavy mix of anti-freeze in your coolant just to make sure that nothing freezes whilst your car is stationary for the week.

On arrival in resort there are covered parking spaces available from €25 a week, as well as free outdoor car parks around the resort. If you know it’s going to snow during your stay it may be worth paying the €25 to avoid digging out your car at the end of the week. For great directions as well as petrol and toll cost estimations go to