Valfrejus Resort Attractions

Valfrejus has something of a reputation as a pioneer of new school snow sports; the Betamax of snowboarding, Skwal, was pioneered here and indeed a world champion in the little known sport is based in the village.

The newest offering is speed riding however and Valfrejus claims to have established the first school for the sport, which it says was invented on its slopes in 2001. Essentially it involves skiing downhill with a paragliding sail strapped to your back – (very) big air guaranteed. The Ataka speed riding school (+33 (0)4 79 56 61 76) describes the activity as “freeriding in 3D.”

Shopping in Valfrejus

There are only half-a-dozen shops in Valfréjus, most of them food or ski shops. If you’d like more choice it’s best to head down to the old town of Modane in the valley. There are two outlets for souvenirs, postcards and ski holiday essentials however, Tabac Presse (+33 (0)4 79 05 07 71) is the newsagents and Alpine Delights, selling regional products, (+33 (0)4 79 20 32 71) a general store. Photographic services are provided by Photo Sab (+33 (0)6 82 38 11 98).

Activities Available

Ice Climbing

Ice Hockey

Ice Skating

+33 (0)4 79 56 61 76

Ropes Course

Speed Riding
+33 (0)4 79 56 61 76

Sports Centre