Situated right on the edge of the National Park of Vanoise and only about 5 km from the Italian boarder, Valfrejus sits on the eastern side of the Maurienne Valley. When travelling through the Maurienne valley with its exciting and diverse history, you are following in the footsteps of Hannibal and his 37 elephants on his journey from Africa though the Alps to Italy. Travelling to Valfrejus is far from complicated from the nearest airport Chambery, with regular buses and the nearby train station at Modane. However from some of the further away airports, transfers are take significantly longer and require a bit more planning.


By Plane

Chambery Airport 110 km / approx 1 hour 20 mins

Private transfers are a possible and good option with Ski Lifts or a hire car.

Bus transfers run regularly between Chambery and Valfrejus with Altibus 

Or you can take the train to Modane from Chambery and arrange a quick taxi for the last 5km up to resort.

Grenoble Airport - 140 km / approx 1 hours 30 mins

Buses directly to Valfrejus are very hard to come by. The best option is probably private transfers that you can book in advance with Ski Lifts (as above) or you can hire a car and drive.

Otherwise you can take a fairly long train journey to Modane that requires a couple of changes, and then a bus or taxi up to resort.

Lyon Airport - 215 km / approx 2 hours 25 mins

It is possible to organise a private transfer with Ski Lifts (as above) or rent a car.

You can also take the train from Lyon to Modane which takes between two and three hours and requires a few changes and bus or taxi to and from the train station either end.

Geneva Airport - 195 km / approx 2 hours 10 mins

Geneva is not quite as easy as some of the other airports for arranging travel. The best option is most likely car hire or organise a private transfer with Ski Lifts.


Car Rental 

If you require a hire car for your ski holiday, there are a number of fantastic car rental companies based in Europe.

By Train

If you don’t fancy taking a plane there is always the option of rail travel. Regular trains run between London and Modane, requiring a change of station in Paris from Gare du Nord to Gare du Lyon. A change is sometimes required in Chambery however some trains travel directly from Paris to Modane. From here it’s possible to catch a short taxi or bus ride up to resort. To have a look at tickets and to check the train times go to


If you fancy having a car for your stay and you don’t mind driving long distances it is certainly possible to drive. It does take between 7 and 10 hour from Calais depending on the traffic and weather conditions. We recommend that you add a set go working snow chains to your check list and it may be worth topping up your engine coolant with a heavier mix of anti-freeze to combat the low temperatures in resort. There are free car parks available near the resort and covered car parks in the resort at an additional cost of €50 a week. For comprehensive directions, fuel estimations and toll costs go to