Valmeinier’s relatively small scale, friendly locals, unintimidating ski slopes, convenient design, full childcare and ski school facilities make it a good choice for families.

Other benefits include typically lower prices than some of the bigger name resorts in the Alps, and a full family entertainment programme organised each week by the tourist office. Many of these are free-of-charge which may include a welcome drink, torch-lit parades, special shows on the snow, clowns performing, juggling, sporting tournaments, sledging parties and much more.

The Garderie La Galipette (+33 (0)4 79 59 53 69; [email protected]) located slopeside in Valmeinier 1800 will take care of children from three months old up to age 10 for half or full days. Advance booking is strongly recommended, and can be done online.

From age three, childcare can be combined with ski school classes which are also offered from the ski school’s bases in Valmeinier 1500 and at 1900 too. Snowboarding lessons are available from age 10, and you should double check your child will have an English instructor unless you are happy for them to receive full French-language immersion care or ski instruction. Galipette also organises a Kids Club for three to ten year olds which does not include ski lessons as such but does have outdoor (as well as indoor) snow fun such as sledging, snowman building and so on.