There are pros and cons to family ski holidays in Courchevel. 1850 is a big and busy resort (and at peak times the local ski slopes too) which will not suit all families, although if you are in the right accommodation it can be a wonderful base, with benefits including excellent childcare and ski school facilities.

However the lower bases may be the better choice for many families, given their small physical area and more intimate, relaxed feel.

There are nurseries for young children in the three higher resorts. In 1550 it’s the Maison des Enfants (Rue des Rois; +33 (0) 479 08 21 07) and in 1850 the Villages des Enfants (La Croisette; +33 (0) 479 08 08 47); both run by the French ski school (ESF). In 1650 it’s Les P'tits Pralins de Moriond (+33 (0) 479 06 34 72). All have snow play gardens and accept children from around 18 months of age.

For an English speaking option there's Jelly and Ice Cream ( (+33) (0)6 41 56 61 44) run by Brit Tina Eliades. They specialise in baby sitting and private nannies.

From age three there’s a choice of ski schools. Beginners receive a free lift pass in the basic classes with the ESF (French ski school) where their "Kids Up" formula is offered at 1550, 1650 and 1850. The Magic Snowsports Academy also offers a special snow garden for beginners.

Courchevel was also the first resort to offer the Magnestick – a magnetised vest for children worn over the ski suit which hold them with magnetism to the chairlift on key lifts during the ascent for extra safety. The concept has now been copied by a number of other resorts. And of course Courchevel has lots to do off the slopes for families.