Given its status as the French resort most likely to appeal to the beautiful people, it will be no surprise to hear that Courchevel has fantastic spa facilities with more than a dozen different establishments all hoping to be offered the chance to pamper you! Virtually all are in Courchevel 1850 and most are in the large, most highly starred hotels, but in most cases they’re open to non-residents.

With some the focus is predominantly or relaxation, others aim for more of physical well being and still others have beauty in mind, although all offer all three factors to a greater or lesser extent.

For relaxation and beauty the Hotel La Sivoliere (Quartier des Chenus; +33 (0) 479 08 08 33) offers relaxation in its swimming pool, sauna, hammam and steam room. As does the Hotel Le Lana (Rue de Bellecôte; +33 (0) 479 08 01 10) where the spa is endorsed by cosmetics firm Clarins. They have a sauna and hammam as well as masseurs and beauticians ready to beautify you with Clarins products.

Le Saint Roch (Route de Bellecôte; +33 (0) 4 79 08 02 66; has one of the resort’s largest well being centres at 190 square metres with a Carita Spa, hammam, beauty salon with, two massage and treatment cabins and a tanning booth. It welcomes non-residents and children.

Les Thermes du Carlina (+33 (0) 479 08 00 30) has a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, hammam, tanning room and offers massage therapy, beauty treatments, hydromassage and balneotherapy.

The Hotel Palace Des Neiges (Le Jardin Alpin; +33 (0) 479 40 00 00) has similar facilities as does the Hotel Portetta (Rue du Marquis; +33 (0) 479 08 01 47) on a smaller scale. Les Suites de la Potiniere (Rue de Plantret; +33 (0) 4 79 08 00 16; have a swimming pool, sauna, hammam and massage rooms.

The Spa du Chabichou (+33 (0) 4 79 08 00 55;) is another major spa facility with sauna, hammam, hot tub and Alpine bath. Specially trained staff offer a huge range of treatments, classes and therapies including massages, Oriental therapies (hot stones, reflexology, shiatsu…), pedicures, physiotherapy, osteotherapy, yoga and beauty treatments.

The Comfort Zone spa in the Hotel Les Grandes Alpes (Rue de l'église; +33 (0) 479 08 13 64) also has a sauna, hammam and hot tub. Staff offer beauty care, physiotherapy, osteopathy, sport massages, and wellness massages while a personal trainer will be happy to work out a full health and beauty programme for you.
At the Hotel Courcheneige (Rue de Nogentil; +33 (0) 479 08 02 59) there’s a beauty salon with beauty therapists ready to make you immaculate.

The Fitness Centre in Le Forum (+33 (0)4 79 08 85 54) also offers massages and has a sauna and hammam. The Hotel Le Strato (Route de Bellecôte; +33 (0) 479 41 51 66) has a wellness centre with power plate and kinesis and provides osteopathy treatments.